07 November 2015

Via dell' Amore 2010-2015





































And all I loved, I loved alone.  

(Edgar Allan Poe)  









Com o tempo, você vai percebendo que para ser feliz com uma outra pessoa, você precisa,

em primeiro lugar, não precisar dela.

Percebe também que aquele alguém que você ama (ou acha que ama) e que não quer nada com você, definitivamente não é o "alguém" da sua vida.

Você aprende a gostar de você, a cuidar de você e, principalmente,

a gostar de quem também gosta de você.

O segredo é não correr atrás das borboletas... é cuidar do jardim para que elas venham até você.

No final das contas, você vai achar não quem você estava procurando,

mas quem estava procurando por você! 


(Amandaa Pires) 





The Via dell’Amore (Lovers’ Lane) connects the villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola and is the most famous portion of the Sentiero Azzurro (the path along the coast that connects all five villages of the Cinque Terre).  The Via dell’Amore has become a world-famous landmark in its own right, and is especially popular with visitors to the area (as it’s an easy 20 minute stroll along the waterfront rather than a vigorous hike like the remainder of the Sentiero Azzurro).  For locals, it has played an integral role in unifying the two villages and their residents. 


Since its creation in the early 1900s, the Via dell’Amore has faced numerous periods of closure due to rock slides. Eventually, a tunnel was constructed for a portion of the path that was particularly prone to slides and steel netting was pinned to the mountainside in other areas at risk.  Obviously, the unique geography of this land with its steeps cliffs and rocky terrain makes for a constant struggle to keep slides at bay despite safety measures. In September of 2012 an extensive slide closed the Via dell’Amore until present day. A rockslide on the Via dell’Amore injured four Australian tourists, one of which was seriously injured. 


From that moment, the Via dell’Amore is officially closed by local ordinance and is sequestered by the Italian Procura (prosecutor’s office) while the slide and its cause are under investigation. 


In early April, 2015, a small inauguration party was held with local politicians and Italian railway representatives for the reopening of circa 200 meters of the Via dell’Amore (Lovers’ Lane). As it currently stands, the remainder of the path (from just after the Bar Via dell’Amore to Riomaggiore) is closed while works continue to contain slides and improve safety measures. Statements from the Regione di Liguria pledge continued funding of 1.5 million euro towards the project with promises of reopening another portion of the path. 


Source: www.cinqueterreinsider.com