31 December 2016

My Best 10 Travelling Moments in 2016



2016 was a year of feeling endless happiness in my heart and fullfilling dreams !!! - here are my

TOP 10 TRAVEL MOMENTS in chronological order :) 



1. UNDERGROUND SPINNING 12H MARATHON IN POLISH SALT MINE - 250m underground in the oldest polish salt mine, fighting the fear of claustrofobic ride in dark elevator and we rocked the mine !!! 




2. BETWEEN THE TIDES IN BASQUE COUNTRY - the first smell of ocean after long time of missing it so much and starting my new joga meditation at the camping with a view over the ocean. It was so magic !!! And falling asleep listening to waves every night ... 



Strength surronds me 

Love guides me 

Peace fullfills me 





3. DISCOVERING ASTURIAS IN NORTH COAST OF SPAIN - heading towards Galicia from Basque Country, only by accident I encountered a totally wild and beautiful coast without any tourists. Empty beaches only for me !!!  




4. GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM IN BILBAO - well they say I'm a f*cking artist and I was totally stunned by the art !!! 




5. LISBOA - A MINHA SEGUNDA CASA - my first words in portuguese and I have tears in my eyes every time I come back to Lisboa. Driving into the city always makes me feel that I can't imagine being more happy, just being here is enough for me. And there is nothing more beautiful than Lisboa by sunset ... 






6. PASTEIS DE NATA AND DELTA CAFE - first thing after crossing the portuguese border and my everyday addiction :) 




7. ALENTEJO DREAM - renting traditional house for 2 months in a small village in Alentejo. I was the first tourist ever in the village. It was so nice to wake up every day in such a peaceful place in the middle of nowhere, without people, tourists, noises and rush of the city. Only a few local neighbours, all retired and working in the gardens for their own fruits and vegetables. 







8. THE SUNSET IN CARVALHAL BEACH - it was my neighbour Senior Antonio who taught me to watch the sunset everyday. Every evening he used to sit in front of his house together with dogs and cats and he was waiting for a sunset. That was how he finished his day with a moment of contemplation, sitting in silence and only admiring the nature. And that is how I was finishing every day in Portugal - going to the beach and watching the sunset on the beach, closing my eyes and listening to the waves. And every day I felt happier and happier. And I felt endless happiness in my heart that I could live in this country for 2 months. 



I can't imagine not living close to the ocean. It gives such an energy and power.

This summer thanks to the ocean and sun I achieved the state of absolute bliss :) :) :) 



Not far away from Praia do Carvalhal - on the beaches of Costa Vicentina I managed to face my trauma that happened years back and since then I was not able to come back to this beautiful coast. But finally I fighted the demons of the past and now being totally free from any negative emotions, I will keep on coming back to my beloved beaches. And at that time I was not even aware that something beautiful was going to happen ...




9. BEACH SPINNING 24H MARATHON IN SAO MARTINHO DO PORTO - magic time pedalling by sunset and something absolutely unexpected happened there ... THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE COME AT THE MOST UNEXPECTED MOMENTS. 





10. ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS YOU IN HANNOVER - I can't imagine Christmas without visiting german christmas markets. Every year I go to another german city and Hannover was the choice for 2016. AND THE MAGIC HAPPENED THERE ... 





And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new

and trust the magic of beginnings. 

Meister Eckhart