01 January 2018

Currently I work on my book "In Love With Portugal" which will be published in 2020 in Poland and Portugal


You are a passionate traveller and suddenly one day you land in a place and from the first touch of wind on your cheek you have the click - and you just know and feel it deep in your heart that you have found your second home. And you start to be falling in love day by day. Someone once told me that life is about sharing so with this book I am going to share my love for this land. 


PORTUGAL made me fall in love when I stopped believing in love and made me also fullfill my dreams when the others were only telling me it was impossible.


The first time I came to PORTUGAL I started my trip from Algarve and was heading in the north direction visiting all important places on the way, until I reached Porto, where I ended my trip and took a flight back to Poland. On my first day on a portuguese land I saw a boat with the words: „If you can dream it, you can do it” and 2 weeks later in Nazare on the wall I saw the words „Live Your Dreams”. As I have been following my heart all my life, I assumed it was a sign for me - and all the things that happened after proved that I was right. Since then I have been divided between 2 countries - between 2 homes. 


Eu sou polaca de sítio e portuguesa de coração ...