31 December 2015

My Top 10 Travel Moments of 2015


The year 2015 was all about road tripping. I made thousands of kilometers through Europe driving my PiweckaBus and I was really enjoying this type of travelling. To be honest, I am planning to do more and more of road tripping in 2016. So better watch out for me on the highways of Europe !!! :) 


The year 2015 was full of significant travelling experiences and amazing meetings with people - either new international friendships or reunions with old school friends like meeting Karen in Brittany after 25 years !!! 


Again, it's so difficult to choose only 10 moments because with travelling I really am living my dreams :) :) :) 



1.  Love is in the Air with BALTIC BEES Jet Team 


They really made in heaven drawing a big heart on the sky :) 






2. Chasing the Sun Set over The Molecule Man and rediscovering BERLIN as a City of Arts 


Can you believe that I was trying to capture the sun set over this sculpture about 5 times before I actually succeeded. 4 times I tried to do it and either there was not a proper weather (too cloudy) or I was a little bit too late and it was already too dark. This year I visited Berlin a couple of times to admire the amazing exhibitions of my favourite photographers (Mario Testino, Helmut Newton, Szymon Brodziak). 






3. Discovering beautiful nature in polish mountains in SZLARSKA POREBA 


It was suppossed to be a long weekend to get relaxed without my professional equipment. And look what happened using only my Samsung smartphone ... :) It seems you can't stop being a photographer. A photographer always remains a photographer even without a professional camera.







I have been planning to go there for the last 10 years. And finally I did it !!! I climbed to the most important peaks and could feel it again - that I love climbing the mountains !!! And again I started to dream about Mont Blanc - it has been my dream for so long, forgotten for some time but ... it has come back and I have started to plan Mont Blanc for the year 2018 - for my 40th birthday :) As for Bieszczady - I was surprised with the local food there - a lot of things to eat for vegetarians and it was all so tasty :)   





5. HAMBURG Pride Parade 


My first gay parade ever !!! - I was visiting Hamburg when I fell into a gay parade by accident. Believe me or not but I really enjoyed it - the incredible atmosphere, great music, colourful people and the main message - the acceptance and tolerance of all people and the equality of all of us. I couldn't stop taking photos and dancing to the music :) 






6. Big Shells Beach in NORMANDY  


This is one of the magic places that we find in our journeys unexpectedly when we make our own paths. The little port village PORT EN BESSIN is really nothing special and there is no point going there ... Unless you are a shell collector !!! The beach is made of big shells and no sand. You can't believe what you are actually looking at. These were the biggest and the most beatutiful shells I have ever seen in my life. And of course I stole lots of them and now I have them in my house among all my treasures from all over the world. Most of women collect diamonds or gold jewellery. My biggest treasures are the gifts of natures - shells from distant seas or pieces of volcanic lava collected from the top of my volcanoes ... 





7. my solo ROAD TRIPPING itself 


Me-Myself-and-I and PiweckaBus and long distances - just imagine what happens there - an absolute freedom happens !!! - I am singing loud to all radio songs, I am talking to myself and cursing whenever I want, I am taking photographs all the time (even while driving) and naturally I dream about a trip around the world like this !!! 





8. The Last French Breakfast in BRITTANY 


I have always loved this kind of breakfast - a freshly baked baguette and all sorts of French cheese. As I was transferring myself from vegetarian into vegan, I knew it would be my last breakfast like this. So no wonder I was really celebrating my last french breakfasts while visiting Normandy and Brittany ...  





9. Berlin Inline Skating Marathon 


This experience was something totally different and I was hesitating to put it here for a while. I didn't finish the marathon - because I was disqualified on the 4th kilometer. 2 years of very intensive trainings and my first race ever (I am not counting the spinning marathons I regularly take part in). What really happened is not understable for me - I will be talking to a professional skater about it in a couple of weeks. Anyway, it was a very important experience for me, because I had the courage to stand on the start line together with 5 000 skaters (which was my biggest fight - I didn't believe in myself and I wanted to run away). And afterwards a big lesson of humility that sometimes life is not all about our plans and dreams and sometimes things just don't go on our way ... Of course I don't want to stop with this accident and of course I will come back there and finish what I already started. 





10. Christmas Markets in DRESDEN - getting into the festive mood !!!


Dresden was all one big Christmas Market - I visited 3 markets in the historic old town (Dresdner Striezelmarkt, Weihnachtsmarkt an der Frauenkirche, Advent auf dem Dresdner Neumarkt). I can't imagine Christmas Time without German Christmas Markets :)  





Although all this year I have been chasing my dreams and fullfilling them, I had a lot of difficult situations and I was going through really hard times and moments likewise. I would like to dedicate this song to the One who made me smile again, believed in me and supported me all the time. 



When I'm with you
I'm standing with an army