17 November 2015

Home Sweet Home in Poznan


my home town - POZNAN 




and this is my real home - a small village SADY outside Poznan 





Viagens terminam. Lembranças permanecem e despertam saudade.

Andreza Filizzola





I left my heart in so many places in the world ... 


But this post is about a homesickness - yes !!! - we, travelers, also happen to miss our houses. Every 4 weeks I have the need to travel but I am also so incredibly happy to come back to my lovely home each time.


Home is a house with a soul. 


Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story. 


My home is full of memories from all over the world. So this is how traveler's home looks like :) 









For over 6 years I have not been watching TV and I am totally against having a TV set home.

All my life I have been a mad bookaholic !!! I collect books from all over the world, photoalbums, travel guides and of course novels. I am totally crazy about quotes and words of wisdom :) 











This ship is a souvenir bought in the swedish coast called Hoga Kusten (THE HIGH COAST in SWEDEN) - a coast that is increasing its height all the time, a beautiful rocky landscape designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and located in the Gulf of Bothnia. 





I bought this painting in PARIS and the ducks are the gift from my dear Thai friend Anghana who lives in BANGKOK. 







This painting I bought in a cosy gallery in my favourite city of TUSCANY (ITALIA) - SIENA.






Here is a souvenir bought in BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA in a beautiful town - MOSTAR. 






And souvenirs from Greek Islands - Valley of Butterflies in RHODES and Hippocrates Tree in KOS. 





A lamp from TURKEY 





The table cloth hadmade by an old Greek lady in RHODES, the plate from TUNISIA and mug coasters from ANDALUCIA / SPAIN. 





The staircase is full of watercolours from all over the world. 






As soon as you enter the house you can see the cloth handmade by the Sami People of LAPLAND. 





And the Evil's Eye from ISTANBUL 




And the symbols of different religions - Greek Icon from METEORA and Jerusalem Cross from ISRAEL. 

(it's my way of showing my tolerance of all religions being an atheist at the same time) 






This big photograph of MANAROLA (LIGURIA - ITALY) shows a very special place for me.

Near Manarola there is a place called VIA DELL' AMORE where I wish my ashes to be thrown away with the wind towards the sea. 





My bathroom is all in shells :) 


These are the shells collected in Greek Islands. 








Pieces of volcanic lava collected from the peaks of my volcanoes. 




And the most beautiful and the biggest shells found in the coast of NORMANDY (FRANCE) 




And here among all my treasures which are the gifts of our nature, each evening I am having my private spa - hot bath with candles. 




In my kitchen on the wall - a certificate of visiting NORDKAPP (NORWAY) and of crossing the ARCTIC CIRCLE and visiting Santa Claus in ROVANIEMI (FINLAND) 






and the cicada from PROVENCE - FRANCE. 




The sugar bowl from ISTANBUL, the container for sweet pepper from BUDAPEST, the spices bowl from PALESTINE  




This bird on the kitchen's widowsill reminds me every morning of my second home - PORTUGAL  





I collect mugs :) 





My home office with maps on the walls :) 






I always miss my studio when I travel - this is my temple ;) 









Polish Tomato Soup is the best in the world !!!




And polish apples are the best apples in the world !!! 






From December to March this is my kitchen's window view: 







And this is polish Summer






But I really love polish Autumn 














One of the polish traditions is to visit the graves of our predecessors on the 1st of November 







Another tradition of my home town POZNAN is eating these cookies on the 11th of November






Polish traditional Christmas and my ginger cookies :) 









Even in my car which is called PIWECKA BUS there are my travel souvenirs.  






More photographs of my village - SADY 








Here I ride my bike and go skating 















When I travel I do miss my everyday trainings in my fitness club :) 








More photographs of POZNAN