01 July 2016

Alentejo Dream in Portugal


If You Can Dream It 

You Can Do It 

Walt Disney 




Once I have had a dream ... A dream about moving to a small village in the middle of nowhere to stay on my own for a couple of weeks or months. Working as a freelancer photographer gives me a freedom and enables me to organize my work to be able to move to another country as far as Wi-Fi is provided.


Renting a traditional house for 2 months in a small village in Alentejo was exactly what I needed. I was the first tourist ever in the village. I still remember faces of very surprised local residents when I finally drove into the village in my polish car after 3 days of the highway Poland-Portugal.


It was so nice to wake up every day in such a peaceful place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by great wilderness, without any people or tourists, without any noises or rush of the city. Only a few local neighbours, all retired and working in the gardens for their own fruits and vegetables. I needed no alarm clocks in the morning. With the roosters singing and the sheep roaring all night I let myself sleep as long as my body needed it.


It was my neighbour Senior Antonio who taught me to watch the sunset everyday. Every evening he used to sit in front of his house together with dogs and cats and he was waiting for a sunset. That was how he finished his day with a moment of contemplation, sitting in silence and only admiring the nature. And that is how I was finishing every day in Portugal - going to the beach and watching the sunset on the beach, closing my eyes and listening to the waves. And every day I felt happier and happier. And I felt endless happiness in my heart that I could live in this country for 2 months.


And it was the owner of the house – Dona Dolores who was taking a very special care of me all the summer. Living not far away, everyday she used to deliver tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables and fruits from her own garden. Being so disappointed by local possiblities of Alentejan Cousine for vegetarians, it was something I was waiting for every day.


My time in Alentejo was all about finding a happiness inside myself. A kind of happiness you achieve because you only follow your own paths and you don't depend on others to get what you want. It's all about me and my dreams and finding my way to make my dreams happen. Now I can't imagine not living close to the ocean. It gives such an energy and power. This summer thanks to the ocean and sun I achieved the state of absolute bliss. And this little house in a deserted portuguese village was more than I could ever dreamed of ...























(my first short text in a portuguese language)


O meu vizinho - o Senhor Antonio esta uma pessoa muito interessante.

Ele mora na aldeia Casebres no Alentejo. Tem 65 anos. É reformado.

Ele mora numa casa pequena com jardim. Ele fica todo o dia em casa.

Todos os dias ele trabalha na horta dele. As vezes ele vai de bicicleta a loja.

Todas as tardes ele vê o pôr do sol com os cães dele.

Todas as manhas ele costuma dizer "QUE CALOR !!!".